best nyc luxury apartments

Even the best NYC luxury apartments in the world can add some little feature to make the bathrooms even more plush. For those who love to spend time getting ready in the bathroom or for those who just like to be as comfortable as possible wherever they are, these tips are for you. Without having to renovate or make a large investment, you can turn your luxury bathroom into the bathroom you have always dreamed of.


Stepping out of the shower onto a lush, fuzzy rug is like a dream each time you take a shower. Or stepping onto a rug made of memory foam feels like you are stepping out of a cloud. By simply adding a rug to your luxury apartment’s tile floor makes your time spent in their so much more cozy.

Towel Heater

In addition to enjoying the rug coming out of the shower, having a bathroom equipped with a towel heater is a major plus. A towel warmed up just for you, just when you need it most. Towel heaters are a luxury not common, even in some of the best NYC apartments.

Makeup Lighting

For those who wear makeup, you know how important the lighting is to make sure you get it right. If the bathroom seems too dark around the mirror, it’s not difficult to add some makeup lighting. This can help brighten up your make up table, so you can look your best everyday.

Fluffy Towels

Not only are warm towels desired, but so are fluffy ones. Soft and comfortable towels make a world of difference when it comes to daily enjoyment of getting ready. Being welcomed from the shower and into the arms of a large, bouncy towel makes a person look forward to getting out from under the hot water. When purchasing towels, buy luxury, quality towels that will keep their liveliness for the long-haul.

The best NYC luxury apartments are known for having fabulous bathrooms with porcelain or marble tiles. The large glass showers and the glorious rainfall showerheads. Bathrooms like these don’t exist in every apartment throughout the city, so take advantage of having a fantastic bathroom. The features to these bathrooms are truly wonderful. But these tips can turn a lovely bathroom into a day at the spa each and everyday.