ultra luxury manhattan apartments

To live in the middle of Manhattan is a walker’s paradise. Everything you could ever want is all within walking distance, providing easy access to all of life’s necessary establishments.   Silver Towers is an ultra luxury apartment building in Manhattan that is located near Hudson Yards and is proving this idea of being a walker’s paradise to be true. Let’s prove it in the simpliest of ways. By category.



Within just a few blocks of the Silver Towers, you will find at least 8 educational establishments. Ranging from grade schools to higher education to specialty programs. This wide range of options allows families to have options of choosing which schools they want for their children throughout the year. Plus, as a bonus, your children never have a real reason to leave home since there are colleges within walking distance as well. Isn’t that every parents dream, to have your children live with you for the rest of your life?



There are dozens of tasty restaurants to try right in the vicinities of these ultra luxury Manhattan apartments. From bars and Chinese buffets, to dinning rooms and rooftop bars.   There are plenty of places to get food on the go and stay fed along the way to the subway station.



There are also many grocery store options. From discount food stores to natural, health food stores. Living in Manhattan you are sure to find an amazing array of products to match the incredible array of people who dwell in the city.



One of the amazing things about living in this location is that there are SEVEN parks and playgrounds within walking distance. The fact that these ultra luxury apartments are right off of the Hudson River may help in the addition of having green space readily available.