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The wide range of nightlife in New York City is what keeps the city awake at all hours. No matter where you live, particularly in Manhattan, you never have to be worried about being bored any night of the week.   Renting an apartment in the East Village, NYC gives you a great location within the city, away from tourists and plenty of options to enjoy the local entertainment right in your own neighborhood.


  1. The Weekly Poetry Slam ($)

Nestled between Avenues B & C, many East Village renters find themselves at a poet’s café ready to share and be inspired by the weekly poetry slam. This is a perfect opportunity to share your creativity with a like-minded community. Every Friday night is an opportunity for people to express their poetry before the crowd. Often times, on weeknights, you will find other events such as live music playing or open mic nights at the Nuyorican Poets Café.


  1. Improv Show

Just hopping down the block from the weekly poetry slam you will find an improv theater. Featuring shows each and every Saturday night. With a charge of only $10 per show, it’s an inexpensive way to get a good dose of entertainment. These seasoned improvisers ask the audience questions about relationships and then create the show based off of the crowd each week. One of the perks of it being improv is that you can never see the same show twice!


  1. Stand-up Comedy

The East Village apartment dwellers are no strangers to the standup comedy scene. There are several comedy clubs sprinkled throughout the neighborhood to check-out. Weekly or nightly shows take place, allowing you to get out of the apartment and get some weeknight laughs. Famous comedians can be found throughout these comedy clubs such as Sean Patton and Bonnie McFarlane.


  1. Club & Dance

The club and dance scene is vibrant in the East Village. From classy club lounges to ’80s rock and eclectic style dance clubs, you are bound to find something that suits your niche taste. Happy hour specials and special live music performances are commonplace for the residents in the neighborhood to explore.


To help narrow down some of the hotspots in the East Village area and to checkout more, click here.




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