Studio Apartments in Flatiron District
What is a studio apartment? A studio apartment is a small apartment which combines living room, bedroom, and kitchenette into a single room and includes a bathroom. Studio Apartments in the Flatiron District tend to fall into three types – regular studios, alcove studios and convertible studios. In the above mentioned I described a regular studio.

Alcove studios are L-shaped and the “L” acts as a separate sleeping cove and includes a bathroom. A convertible studio has space large enough to be walled off and used as a dining area or bedroom and includes a bathroom.

What type of people do you think rent studios in the Flatiron District? I asked this question to myself and here’s what I came up with…

  • The second string cellist that is lucky enough to perform at The Met part-time in the orchestra and part-time at the New York Public Library by day…
  • The inker from Studio 28 Tattoos and Body Piercings – you can always spot him right away!
  • The actress/food server – scheduling auditions whenever they can get one and slinging hash at the ABC Kitchen.
  • The work-at-home programmer that has every meal delivered and has his laundry sent out.
  • The lonely Wall Street trader that barely has time to see his studio except to sleep and shower.
  • The up and coming song writer that gets inspired during their dreams and starts playing the guitar at 3:15am composing the next big hit.
  • Or maybe a super hero covering his secret identity while he plots to save the world…

Studio apartments in the Flatiron District range widely in terms of size and monthly rents. The median size is 550 square feet and the median price is $2300 per month. Not every studio apartment looks like a shoe box. There are oversized studio apartments at Check out their website. Awesome photos and floor plans that only give you the layout of the apartment but also exactly where in the building it is located.