nyc apartments midtown west_FotorEvery tenant should feel safe in the place they call home. Security is usually the most important aspect even when hunting for a house. Most renters would rather miss out on certain amenities in order to find a place with better security. In case you are looking for an apartment, there are some features you should be looking out for to ensure security.

Gated community

Apartments that are within a court have high security because there is one common entrance. Strangers who might want to cause harm will find it difficult to get in the gate because they will be noticed immediately. People on the outside have the fear that they have to be scanned or leave an identity to get onto the premises. It’s not locked down like a military camp, but that is how serious some agencies take it when it comes to the security of their tenants.

Secured entry lobby

Visitors are only allowed to hang out in the common lobby and do not go beyond that point unless you, the tenant, come get them. If you notice this in the apartment you are considering to rent then don’t hesitate to go for it. A secured lobby does not show any preference for friends and family, you have probably heard of friends or family members who want to cause harm to their relatives. So don’t feel bad in case your friend or family member is stopped in the lobby.


If case of an emergency such as robbery, apartments should have installed alarms which are switched on to call for help from authorities. This is a quick way of recovering something that might be under destruction within the premises. It is now common knowledge that tenants are looking for apartments with alarm systems installed.

Door man

Tenants have a habit of passing the door man like a car on the highway without knowing how important he is to the residence. What you may not know is that these door men know all the tenants by name and will notice when a stranger comes in. They are put there to monitor those who are coming in and out of the NYC apartments Midtown West  and be sure that they are allowed to do so. Once you see a person at the door with a uniform, then you can smell a sense of security.

CCTV camera

Many crimes have been solved using CCTV cameras. You should be aware that these crimes mostly happen in residential areas. The real estate agents have seen the need to install the cameras to let people know that they will be caught if they try to engage in something outside the law. Even fellow tenants can be harmful to each other.




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