no fee luxury apartments nycAn apartment that will allow you to have a view of Manhattan has to be very tall. You already have a general idea that the apartments in New York City that will interest you are highly elevated from the ground. Here are the most beautiful views you will have wile living in such apartments.

The Times Square view

For you to have a better view of Times Square, the first step to take is to rent an apartment in New York City. As it is, this is a city that has gone on record for having the tallest buildings so you don’t have to worry about getting one. These are buildings that rise up to 600 feet so that is a guarantee you will not miss the opportunity to see Times Square. Everyone always wants to have a close view of Times Square especially on special occasions such as New Year’s Eve.

Have a chance to view Hudson River

It is fascinating to see a very big water mass like the Hudson River which is cutting through New York City right in the middle. You don’t have to go close to the river to have a better view. In fact, looking at it from the roof top of an apartment you would like to rent is the best view. Not every tenant gets to view such a renowned river from the window of their luxury apartment. Silver Towers is one of the best examples of what NYC apartments with views of Manhattan have to offer.

The famous One World Trade Center

This is considered one of the tallest buildings in the world, and the advantage of renting an apartment in New York City is that it will be right under your “nose”. One World Trade Center is another major land mark which you will be lucky to view from the comfort of your house. As a New Yorker, you will not have to hear from people about how tall this building is.

Roof top restaurants and swimming pools

New York City is also know to be over populated but that does not mean people in this city can not enjoy all the luxury. The roof top always has an attractive view, more so, when you are hosting guests in your apartment.

View of the whole city

You will come to realize how beautiful the city is when you look out your window at night. The whole city is usually well lit and the tall buildings sparkle like stars. It is very interesting to see how the city that is very busy during the day transforms into a magical city at night. Without exaggerating, the city changes into a fairy tale city.




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