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The New York City real estate market is not like any other city I have never come across. With the huge amount of housing needs in the city and the limited supply of housing options, it can make for quite an interesting combination. People shift throughout the city and there is constant turnover. New apartments are always opening up, being renovated and becoming occupied. Having been in the real estate industry for many years, I have worked in various markets across the country. New York has been the market with the most interesting challenges. The hurdles here include both the requirements of clients needs, plus adding the legal specifications mandated by the city.

As I specifically take on the market in the Manhattan area, I have seen a wide assortment of apartments. Ranging anywhere from very basic to wildly, fabulous luxury residencies. As this is a lovely borough of New York City, I often have many requests from clients looking for something in the Midtown area. Let me give you an example of a luxury NYC apartment in the Midtown West area.

Midtown West Luxury Apartment

This apartment building has giant windows, with great views of both the city skyline and the Hudson River. It brags about its rooftop deck and its full service health club for its residents. These are spacious apartments with all the bells and whistles that you would want if looking for a luxury apartment. To take a closer look at this high-class residency, check out their website

Why Manhattan?

Now you may be wondering, “Why do you focus on only the Manhattan area?” Well let me tell you. New York City is so vast that each borough has such a wide range of benefits, cultures, and lifestyles. By being able to focus in on the niche (that being Manhattan), I can focus on learning about one area of the city so well that I can assist my clients the best way possible. If I know where things are in the city, what kind of neighborhoods they’re looking for, along with the types of housing that is available, my clients will be most satisfied in their choice of residency.

As I continue to pursue Manhattan, I am determined to find the best living opportunities for my clients. There are pros and cons to being a real estate agent here in New York City but it has been good learning about the city and experiencing the fast-paced challenges that come from living in one of the greatest cities in the world.

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