It’s hard to imagine but not everyone is a pet lover. For those of us that are, we want the best for our pets and this is especially true when it comes to our pet’s home. For us, it’s a serious consideration in choosing an apartment in Midtown Manhattan. Here are 5 things to consider…

Pet Friendly apartments

Any pet owner should consider the Pet Policy before moving to a self proclaimed “pet friendly” apartment. There are always variables between apartment facilities. Some don’t allow certain breeds. Others have restrictions on weight. Sometimes there is a limit to how many pets are allowed. And then there is always the fees…a non-refundable fee, a pet cleaning fee and some apartments even charge rent on the pets.

Living Space for your pet

A pet owner needs to make sure there is enough living space for themselves and/or family, as well as, their pets. They take up space too. And if you don’t have enough living space, you’ll end up with an unhappy pet, and possibly unwanted apartment damage can occur.  

Your apartment Nearby Parks and Squares

All responsible pet owners are obliged to take their pets (ok…specifically their dogs) out to relieve themselves and exercise. Dogs need to be stimulated with different sights and sounds. They also need social interaction. But most of all they want your attention. When choosing an apartment in Midtown Manhattan for your family and pet, it’s a good idea to find one that has one or more parks and/or squares for your pet to enjoy themselves with your company.

Pet Loving Neighbors

Nothing is better than getting along with your neighbors. It makes life so much easier. While you’re looking around for your pet friendly apartment, you may consider asking about the ratio of pet owners to non-pets owners. It will give you a good indication of how much the apartment facilities love your pets.

Pet Centers

We need to pamper ourselves and our pets need pampering too. There are many apartment buildings offering special pet services throughout Midtown Manhattan like this one Services provided at the pet centers include grooming, boarding, pet sitting and pet walking. A pet center would be a huge bonus for your pet friendly family.