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It may come as no surprise to you that NYC is not a place that caters to children. In general, it’s all about making money and being entertained. Just about everything in Manhattan is geared towards adults. When you live and have a family with young children it can be a challenge to find fun things to do for your children on a daily basis.

Recently, there have been a number of no fee luxury apartments in Manhattan that have included some amenities that are designed with children in mind. These apartment buildings have great features such as large living spaces (we all know that kids and their stuff take up a lot of space), and children play areas.

Safe Play Space

Having a safe place for you children to play, and not have to worry about strangers, is a rare thing in New York City. So having access to a private playroom that is for resident use only, allows caregivers to let their children play freely. Play spaces may include a playground, books, games, media access, art supplies and possibly even children’s programing. There are some apartment buildings that even have outdoor and indoor spaces for children. This gives a variety of space no matter what the weather is like.

Easy Access

Living in an apartment building that offers children’s play areas is so easily accessible for everyday use. It allows for children to get their energy out in a space that feels like home yet it is not your actual house. Having easy access to these kinds of areas, frees up both the child and the caregivers. You won’t have to worry about toys being all over the home, or for kids to take their energy out on your home.