Find a condo for sale in Manhattan, NY
Living in the thriving metropolis of New York City, there is  a never-ending list of things to do, places to see, and experiences to enjoy.  Living outside of the city, you miss out on so many opportunities to find local niche places because you either have little time to do so, or only the locals know about them. By checking out what condos are for sale in Manhattan, you will be able to live and experience life as a New Yorker does…and eventually you will become a New Yorker.  There are some midtown condos for sale that will keep you close to the excitement  of the city and keep your commute short.


Argosy Book Store isn’t known for selling current blockbusters or for being the flashiest store on the block.  They specialize in antique and collector book items.  Many people come to browse through the inexpensive book collections, and to page through rare maps and prints.  Reviews show that people love to spend hours searching through their large collection of items and discovering rare gems within.  With many great deals and interesting art to look at, people are amazed by the selection and keep coming back.

Jazz & Japanese

Located in Midtown East  you will find a fun combination of live jazz music and delicious Japanese food.  Locals brag about how this is a wonderful date spot. Tom Jazz is down to earth, making for a relaxing ambience while enjoying jazzy entertainment and doing what you do best…eating.  The staff makes a name for themselves by being very courteous and enhancing the vibe of the restaurant as a whole.  Finding a midtown condo in this neck of the woods will allow you to frequent this wonderful restaurant right on 53rd street, between 3rd and 2nd Aves.

Interactive Exhibit

The Sony Wonder Technology Lab is an interactive experience that allows both children and adults to experience cutting edge technology in the most hands-on way.  If you are looking for a day of entertainment and learning, this is a great place to get started.  You can see everything from programs of robots, dancing motion capture experiences, virtual surgeries and so much more.  Plus get a sneak peek at what Sony is doing in advancing the world technology today.

Looking for an apartment or condo for sale in Midtown will give you an up close and personal opportunity to take advantage of just some of the fun experiences to be had in Manhattan, NYC.


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