apartments with a view ny

The Sky building is a new building designed by the Rockwell Group.  They are internationally acclaimed for building modern and luxury buildings that people love to talk about.  This new building, Sky, brags about its’ incredible views of the Manhattan skyline, the Hudson River and the harbor of NYC. 

The Views

Each residence has full-height, floor to ceiling windows that showcase the greatest vistas in NYC.  The Manhattan skyline stands tall, bright and impressive. Making it one of the most iconic pictures of any city in the world.  The views of the Hudson River, and the harbor are just as scenic.  Getting both a bit of the city, as well as, nature is a nice contrast to have in view from inside your apartment.  No matter what you choose, you can’t lose.  A luxury apartment with a view in NY is a rare commodity that you just have to jump on when you have the opportunity.

The Craftsmanship Within

Not only are the views of NY stunning from these apartments, but so is everything else within the building. Starting right when you walk in the lobby, where you are greeted by signature artwork done by artist Yayoi Kusama.  Dangling from the ceiling, you will see a customized chandelier making a statement in the grand lobby. The marble flooring and concierge desk add to the elements that say this is a luxurious place to be.

Inside the individual residences there are warm features, natural color palettes and custom detailing in every direction.  The kitchens are Italian-crafted, coming in two finish options.  The countertops are finished off with a beautiful piece of quarts and European appliances.  In the bathrooms you will find all things designed in a modern and sophisticated manner. Inlaid on the floors are olympic gray porcelain tiles that polish off the room at the height of luxury living.

Manhattan, NYC is a prime place to live in the city.  Having the option to live in the Sky apartments with the most sought-after vistas in the city, you won’t want to pass up this opportunity.  Only having extremely luxurious amenities inside of the lobby and in each apartment makes this an incredibly wonderful chance to have everything New Yorkers always dreams about.


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