luxurious apartments in new york city

When it comes to living in the Big Apple, having a killer apartment and amenities is key to making life as simple as possible. Having luxury amenities in the apartment building make doing daily things enjoyable and convenient. Let’s look at six amenities you can look for in a luxurious apartment in New York City that are worth the rent.


The Lap Pool

A lap pool is one of those apartment building amenities that takes up a lot of space. Since space is prime real estate in NYC, many buildings aren’t willing to sacrifice valuable space for the installation of a full lap pool…making this a luxury amenity. A lap pool allows for a full body workout making swimming the most productive way to exercise.


Fitness Facilities

For those non-swimmers, a state-of-the-art fitness facility is going to be the luxury amenity you are looking for as far as maintaining an active lifestyle. A truly luxurious apartment building in NYC will have more than just your standard machines and equipment, but they will also have basketball and tennis courts, cardio classes and other non-standard type of workout options.


On-site Parking

Parking in NYC is always a headache, unless you have a designated parking spot waiting for you. Believe it or not, on-site parking at your apartment in Manhattan is a HUGE luxury amenity. One bonus to finding a place that offers on-site parking is that it is nearly always covered. An even bigger bonus is if you can find the parking garage that is heated!


24/7 Concierge

A continually monitored lobby is one of the best ways to know that your building is secure. Luxury apartments often go beyond basic security, and they have their staff assist residents with personal matters as well. Such things like making dinner reservations, dry cleaning or letting the cleaning service people into the apartment. Not only do they keep the building secure, they also help keep the lives of their residents productive and efficient.


Pet Park

The ultimate sign that you are finding a luxury apartment is if it offers a pet park for your furry family member to roam around cage free. Both, indoor and outdoor space free you up to entertain your pet during any type of weather and all year long.


Here is an example of a luxurious apartment in New York City that displays all of these wonderful amenities:





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