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Train insane or remain the same. –Anonymous


Group Rowing Classes

One of the major trends in fitness among New Yorkers is participating in rowing classes. This is a high-intensity, low-impact cardio resistance class. The low-impact workouts help to save your joints from receiving the wear and tear that running can have on them. You work your heart, as well as, all of your muscle groups.

Lap Swimming

For people who live in apartments in NYC with a pool, the trend is to take advantage of the water. Swimming is one of the best exercises that work the entire body and burns the most calories.   This can be done with a partner or solo.

Indoor Competitive Cycling

Spin classes have been around for ages, but the competitive cycle classes are new. Not only are they showing up in NYC, but they are popping up all over the country. There are places that stream in live classes and other places where you can even purchase a bike for your home to continue to compete.

Boxing Workouts

Boxing workouts are highly intense, and are a great way to build muscle and burn fat. These kinds of boxing classes are taken by models and brides who are wanting to get ready for their own runways.

The Hybrid Barre

The online newspaper tells us of this new trend that is taking over the NYC fitness industry. This is call Hybrid Barre “The fitness industry loves a mash-up, taking elements from different regimens and putting them in a new workout. Ballet-based barre has been one of the fastest-growing crazes, with popular workouts including Pure Barre, Ballet and Body, the Bar Method and Physique 57—and it’s the latest to get the hybrid treatment at gyms across New York. Core Fusion Barre+Cardio at Exhale combines slow-burn core work with ballet principles to strengthen and lengthen muscles without adding bulk. Flywheel’s faster-paced version, FlyBarre, is a total-body workout, complete with nightclub-style music. Those who prefer their sweat of the dripping variety should opt for Figure 4 Fahrenheit at Pure Yoga, where you can barre all at a high temperature (105 degrees, yikes), which enables a deeper stretch.”