Columbus Circle CondosLiving in Columbus Circle, is living at the heartbeat of Manhattan. The location of my condo is perfect for easily accessing many of the best attractions in NYC. At the same time giving me the variety in these attractions to keep things fresh and dynamic. One of the attractions you’ll find on my list is an outdoor park, another place emphasizes on the performing arts and the other is widely known for its’ luxury shopping options. Here is the link to the Columbus Circle condos where I live:


Riverside Park

Riverside Park is a public waterfront park located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan NYC. Though this park may be narrow, it stretches 4 miles along the Hudson River’s edge. The park is open year-round giving local residents the chance to utilize its’ trails and the scenic overlook of the water. The beginnings of Riverside Park date back to the 1800s and has developed over the last few centuries into what it is today. All of this history has led to various monuments being placed throughout the length of the park. This includes a monument to Eleanor Roosevelt, Joan of Arc and a Soldiers’ and Sailors Monument.


Lincoln Center

One of the most exciting things about living in a condo around Columbus Circle is the close proximity to Lincoln Center for the performing arts. As this isn’t one single location, but a large complex of buildings in the Lincoln Square neighborhood that highlight many of the best performing artists in the world. From the Metropolitan Opera House, to the Philharmonic, to the home of the New York City Ballet, Lincoln Center provides a variety of entertainment for those with appreciation for the performing arts.


Time Warner Center

The Time Warner Center is located right in Columbus Circle, straddling the border between Midtown and the Upper West side of Manhattan. In 2006 this property was known to have the highest listed property value in all of New York City at $1.1 billion. The Time Warner Ctr. is home to the office of Time Warner, the Mandarin Oriental NY Hotel, and an upscale shopping mall. Giving those who reside nearby the convenience of having world-class shopping.




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