I guess when you talk about New York City, you are not thinking about its traditional customs, dress codes and etiquettes, but if you only knew how important this is and how it is inserted in society you´d be surprised!

Many people love New York because of these facts, and also because it´s a city that has absolutely everything to offer.

A place full of charm, where the most luxurious buildings await you.  Buildings, such as the apartments located 225 East 39th Street, where its spacious and luminous rooms and first-class amenities will delight you. ( check it here: http://house39.com/ )

You can also find apartments for rent in Midtown New York, a location in the middle of it all, chosen by millions of people.

But, let´s start talking about New York and its traditional customs.

Midtown New York: one place, thousands of cultures. 

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Remember, New York is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world, and most of its residents tend to respect and tolerate this fact! New cultures are welcomed and take it as a rich cultural treasure.

In the workplace area, there is little distinction between men and women and is very common for both genders to meet for lunch or a drink after work. Usually, each one pays their own bill, unless they are invited by the other person.

Keep in mind that tipping is very important.  As for taxi drivers, bellboys, waiters and doorman, among other workers, tips are their main source of income.

An appropriate tip is between 15% and 20% for good service, so while dining out take this into consideration.

New Yorkers love to dress up for special occasions, and although they usually dress casually, some events warrant other clothing.


Real life Men in black? Only NY.

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In corporate New York and on Wall Street, men are expected to dress in dark business suits, while women will wear suits or conservative dresses. Don´t be surprised if, on Fridays, you see these same business professionals in casual clothes. Many companies stipulate a day which they call “casual day” and it´s usually Friday! So it’s a day to “relax” in dressing looking forward to the weekend.

If you are planning to eat at an up-scale restaurant, you almost always wear a sport coat and tie or a suit.

And last but not least, when dressing for a cocktail party the attire will usually depend on “where” and with “whom”. If the party is at a residence you´d better ask your host what the dress code will be, and for barbecue or picnic, definitely no tie!

Sneakers, shorts, slacks, loafers, and, if the occasion warrants, take a swimming suit with you! So maybe this is your chance to rent an apartment at 225 East 39th Street and plan your own private party!