Facts about Madison Square ParkDid you know?  NoMad  means “NOrth of MADison Square Park” and it is a neighborhood centered on the Madison Square North Historic District in the borough of Manhattan in New York City.The name NoMad, which has been in use since 1999  is derived from the area’s location north of Madison Square Park. 



 apartment rentals near madison square park
apartment rentals near madison square park

One of the most beautiful places I´ve been to was undoubtedly Madison Square Park, a public park that really delighted me as it is located in one of the most exclusive Manhattan areas. For a long time I´ve been willing to move to an apartment in this neighborhood and when I say “a long time” I mean a VERY long time! So now I am not loosing this opportunity!

As soon I had the chance, I started searching for a place to live that really fill my expectations! Lucky me, this time I could afford it, so I was going to go after this apartment, no matter what!
After searching for a while, I found four beautiful apartment buildings in NoMad which I consider my favorite ones! And I want to share them with you in this post before I decide on which one of them I ´ll move! Yes! Things become more clear once I write them down.


Apartments for rent in NoMad
This is one of the best apartment rentals near Madison Square Park

1. 800 sixth Apartments: Beautiful and cozy.

This apartment is, without a doubt, one of my favorites, it´s not too big, yet not too small, beautifully furnished with an extraordinary rooftop where you can not only tan yourself as if you were in California, but also appreciate its incredible views.
You can find more info here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_800_Apartments

2. Beatrice Apartments- Pure luxuryapartments for rent flatiron district ny

Well, ok, this is absolutely fabulous, just take a look at this picture, luxury, modern and fine materials are everywhere! Its splendid city view really turns my head, and makes me think that maybe this is the exact place I want to live…besides my Mom’s name is Beatrice, so I´m sure I´ll get lucky! You can find the place here.


3. Prism at Park Avenue- Truly enjoyable and only for exquisite people!

Wow!! I really love this modern building!! Look at that Façade! So modern like a glass Prism! This is luxury in all senses! And what I loved most about it are its amenities: Sauna, Olympic swimming pool, Equipment room, all in one!!! There´s no doubt if I move to this splendid apartment I´ll turn into a sports fan, wanted or not!

4. One Sixty Madison-luminous and elegant.

apartments for rent Flatiron District
Not easy to decide which apartment is the best in Flatiron District

So amazing is this super building located at 160 Madison Avenue, so cool and modern! Its huge windows will help you appreciate the best view, ever! And you will enjoy every ray of light! I´d love to move to one of these apartments, its huge presence will definitely make me feel important (not that I have low self-esteem, but anyway)

Available apartments on this building are listed here: http://onesixtymadison.com/availability.php

So now I’m going to be honest with you, basically I wrote this article to convince myself where to move!, as these beautiful buildings have been circling in my head for several weeks! Now i can´t decide myself either. Anyway tell me, did you have a nice time reading this? Me too, writing it!

And best of all, I think I made up my mind, so I´ll let you know my decision…in my next blog!

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