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Affordable apartments for seniors in NYC.

Are you a senior having problems paying your rent? Do you feel lonely and in despair, imagining you can lose your residence? Let me tell you the good news! Both, seniors and disabled can now take advantage of city programs having the chance to solve their rent problems at their apartment for rent in Bronx.

How? By the Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption program (known as SCRIE) which will freeze rent for tenants over 62 years old who earn less than $50,000/year and for disabled New Yorkers.

Fortunately, we must say, there are people who work to make this possible, such is the case of State Senator Jeffrey Klein, who had been working to raise the income level threshold so more people could keep their apartments without thinking of the possibility of moving.

Affordable luxury apartments in NYC?


So now you know that if you are seniors living at affordable luxury apartments in NYC you have the chance to stay in your home.

I really think it´s good that honest people, who have worked all their lives, can have the chance of receiving a benefit from the state in case they are experiencing financial strain due to rent inflation each year.

Senior, Leroy Singleton, has lived in his apartment in the Bronx for over 14 years.  Unfortunately, he became unemployed fearing he would lose his home. What happened next? He joined this program and could make use of its benefits, not having to pay any rent increase and instead the city will pay for it.

Ok, this is very good news for tenants, but landlords are not very happy with this resolution and let´s see why:

First of all, let´s explain what The Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption (SCRIE) is.  This program freezes the rent for head-of household seniors 62 and older who live in rent- regulated apartments. To apply for this benefit the seniors need to make $50,000/year or less.

Now, the question is if landlords can afford another rent freeze? When it comes to repairing, maintaining and preserving their apartments, a rent freeze can play a major role in how well things are maintained.

According to Jack Freund, Vice president of the Rent Stabilization Association, the city will see the effect of the freeze overtime.

So, these programs are good depends for whom?

Anyway, in my opinion, I still believe tenants deserve to keep their home under certain circumstances, as nobody is exempt of losing a job or having a financial crisis.

Now, go and search your apartment at Bronx NY and prepare to start living a new stage in your life with the tranquility that can come with this Government benefit in case you need it!

Have a wonderful day!