So, what’s so great about having a barbecue in your Manhattan apartment building? Here are three great reasons to enjoy your barbecues…

Healthier Cooking – it’s a proven fact that grilling meat is the healthiest process in which to cook meat, if grilled properly. Much of this is due to the meat fat dripping off through the grill slates and off the meat before we eat it. Also, meat retains more nutrients when you toss a slab of meat over the flame it actually preserves more riboflavin and thiamine. Vegetables are also perfect to grill on a barbecue. Grilling fish on the barbecue is ideal because it’s outdoors and won’t smell up your kitchen. Just be careful not to char the food.


Social Gatherings – Since the barbecue is outdoors, why not invite friends and family over to enjoy it with you. Manhattan apartment buildings with barbecue generally feature the barbecue stations on the roof decks and many of them are like a garden oasis with breath taking views of New York City and sometimes the Hudson River. Many of the roof decks offer areas for children, and pets to enjoy while waiting for the barbecue and the kids are sneaking a piece of hot dog off to Rover.


Eco-Friendly – Talk about energy-efficient! Most Manhattan apartment buildings offer propane grills, supplied by the apartment owner and included in the rent price this is one example So, instead of using your electricity that you have to pay for later, heating up the oven to bake the chicken, and turning on the stove to steam the vegetables, you do it all at the same time on the barbecue. This also creates less clean up, thus saving more money. And you get to enjoy your meal al fresco.